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How to clean and maintenance your gas hob?

How to clean and maintenance your gas hob?

Update Time:2022/7/4
Clean the gas hob after the unit had cooled off, especially for the porcelain enameled part.
Do not leave alkaline with acid radical or chlorine radical important.
Be sure to pull out th electric cord from its service outlet.

(2)Porcelain enameled part
Use sponge or cloth soaked in soap and warm water. Avoid using cleaning powders or harsh abrasive which may cause scratching of the surface.

(3)Burner and trivet part
Clean the removable part using sponge or cloth soaked in soap, like burner and flame ring should be dried and put correctly.

(4)Stainless steel part
Use the soft rag or sponge to clean.
Due to the temperature too high, the color around the burner will change by used too often.

(5)Trigger electrode
Check electrode always keep it clean bestow the burner correctly.

(6)Put the burner cap correctly:
Install the flame lid ring correctly and carefully as picture arrowhead shown. The burner would not move if installed correcty.
Incorrectly installation will cause inequality lame and cause mangle at the same time.
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