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11 Things To Consider Before Buying A Gas Stove

11 Things To Consider Before Buying A Gas Stove

May 7,2024
一个燃气灶需要 5 分钟才能煮沸一加仑的水,而另一个燃气灶可能需要几分钟才能煮沸相同量的水。









4) 安全特性
以下是现代燃气灶应具备的 5 项安全功能:

i) 防倾翻:此功能可防止燃气灶从台面上滑落并造成伤害。

ii) 自动关闭:如果在一定时间内没有检测到火焰,则燃气灶将自动关闭。这不仅有助于防止气体泄漏,还可以节省能源成本并提高效率。
iii) 自动重新点燃:自动重新点燃功能可确保燃烧器火焰永远不会熄灭,从而不会导致厨房内积聚气体。当火焰熄灭时,该功能会重新点燃火焰。

iv) 按钮锁定:顾名思义,按钮锁定安全功能可帮助您锁定燃气或电器的控制器,限制儿童使用或宠物意外触摸。
5) 燃烧器数量
If you’re planning to use the stove alone or with one other person, then a 2 burner cooktop might be the perfect option. If you’re more than 4 people in the household however, getting a gas stove with 4 or more burners might be the best option for you.
6) Distance between burners
Some burners are crammed too close to each other which makes using two pans or pots at the same time really difficult.
A good stove should have enough space between the burners to enable the use of several pots and pans without any disturbances.
7) Type of burners: aluminum vs brass
Brass burners are often found on high-end stoves and are usually in a golden color.  If you care about elegance and aesthetics, then brass burners are the ones for you.

Brass is resistant to corrosion, which makes it a better long-term option than aluminum burners.

Aluminum burners are the most common type of burner in the world because they are cheaper to produce and also heat up more quickly than brass burners.

Aluminum burners aren’t as long-lasting and corrosion-resistant as brass burners though, so keep that in mind.
8) Gas stove type of ignition: electric or pilot
When you are buying a new gas stove, it is important to consider the type of ignition. There are different types, such as electric and pilot.

Electric ignitions need to be plugged into an outlet and use electricity to provide heat for the burners. Pilot ignitions need to be lit with a match or lighter fluid.

Electric ignitions are safer and more reliable than pilot ignition systems.

Electric ignitions are easier to install than a pilot ignition system because they don’t require compressors or fuel tanks. They also have easier maintenance procedures.

A pilot ignition system can cause more issues due to its complexity and the time it takes to get the systems running. Unlike electric ignitions, which start right away.
9) Oven type: Double Oven or single oven
Double oven stoves offer two ovens, usually one on top of the other, and are great for baking or grilling a lot of food at the same time.

Single oven gas stoves provide just one oven, these are perfect for those who don’t bake or grill a lot of stuff.

If you have a small family or you’re just alone, then a single oven gas stove would be the perfect option for you, however, for those with large families who wish to bake or grill a lot of stuff at the same time, then a double oven stove will surely come in handy.
10) Venting requirements as a factor to consider when buying a gas stove
Some stoves might require venting on the outside while others can be fine with just a kitchen exhaust fan. Be sure to check out the venting requirements that a particular gas stove needs.

Consult the gas stove’s online manual or ask the seller if a particular stove comes with any specific venting requirements.
11) Warranty
With a gas stove warranty, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that certain repair and part replacement costs are covered for you.




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