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The troubleshooting of gas stoves

The troubleshooting of gas stoves

Apr 26,2024
The troubleshooting of gas stoves

Gas stoves are the most commonly used kitchen appliances in homes. However, there may be instances when a gas stove fails to ignite. The following provides an explanation of the reasons for this issue and suggests corresponding treatment methods.

1. The gas source switch of the stove is not turned on or there is insufficient air pressure. Treatment method: After closing the stove switch, check if both the front cock valve and gas stove door switch are open. If not, reopen the valve and attempt to ignite again.

2.  The ignition needle and thermocouple of the gas stove may be contaminated or out of power. Treatment method: Inspect for any spark failure in the stove; if necessary, replace batteries for testing purposes. If a spark is present, it could indicate that rust has blocked the regulator inlet and nozzle, obstructing gas flow from the bottle. In such cases, replace with a qualified regulator.

3.  Improper placement of the gas stove cover. Treatment method: Verify whether the fire cover is flat and closed properly while ensuring that it aligns with the fire needle's protective umbrella point. If misplacement occurs, allow time for cooling before repositioning it accurately.

4.  Blockage caused by oil and food residue in fire holes or grooves. Treatment method: Cleanse any dirt obstructing these areas thoroughly.

5. The size of air doors on gas stoves may not be suitable; larger air doors make ignition difficult while smaller ones result in inadequate yellow flames during burning. 

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