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How to choose a cooker hood?

How to choose a cooker hood?

May 8,2021

How to choose a perfect range hood?

The kitchen cooker hood is well selected, so there are fewer fumes when cooking! Buying a qualified and cost-effective kitchen cooker hood can make us feel happy and cook more fragrant! An excellent kitchen cooker hood needs to have a good smoke extraction effect, low noise, and easy cleaning. Below I will analyze in detail how to buy a cooker hood from these three aspects.

1. Working principle of cooker hood

The basic working process of the range hood is: the power supply drives the motor to work, and the motor drives the wind wheel to rotate. A negative pressure zone is formed above the gas stove. Then oil fume enters the cooker hood, filtered and separated, the oil mist is condensed into droplets and enters the oil cup, and the smoke is discharged outdoor.

2. Air volume index of cooker hood

The air volume is an important indicator before the recommendation of the cooker hood. The unit is m³/min. Unilaterally speaking, the greater the exhaust air volume, the faster the kitchen fume is discharged, but not the larger the better. Excessive air volume will take away a lot of heat. This affects the normal working of the gas stove!

How to choose the air volume of the cooker hood according to your own kitchen?

The common air volume of cooker hoods are: <14m³/min, 14-15m³/min, 15-16m³/min, >17m³/min. The specific air volume selection should be determined according to the kitchen area, cooking habits and flue.

The general family kitchen area is 3-5, 5-7, 7-9 and more than 10. There are also two types of closed and open kitchens. Kitchens area below 10, choose 15m³/min is the best, and the kitchen with more than 10 should choose greater than 17m³/min.

Generally, 15m³/min is sufficient for the family’s cooking habit. If you do a lot of stir-frying, you can choose > 17m³/min exhaust air volume. Besides, the choice of exhaust air volume is determined according to the length of the flue. The longer the flue, the more difficult it is to exhaust. You can choose a large air volume >17m³/min or buy a cooker hood with its own booster function.

Many people say that as long as the cooker hood has a large air volume, it is excellent. In fact, this is a wrong perception, or it is not completely correct. If you want the cooker hood to successfully exhaust the smoke out of the kitchen, it needs air volume and blast pressure to complete it. They are indispensable. If the air volume is large and the blast pressure is not enough or the blast pressure is too large, but the air volume is too small, the cooker hood will not has an ideal smoke exhaust effect.


Small Air Volume

Large Air Volume

Air Volume Range




Cooking Style



Slow cook

Spicy food



Air Volume for Reference

3. Blast pressure index of cooker hood

As we talked about above, only large air volume cannot discharge oil smoke, and blast pressure is needed to assist. Blast pressure refers to the static pressure value when the exhaust air volume reaches 7m³/min (these terms don’t need to be understood too much), just remember that the larger the static pressure value, the stronger the ability to resist returning smoke.

I think some friends have encountered such a situation, that the cooking fume of other people’s home enters their own kitchen, which means that the blast pressure of the cooker hood you bought is low, but there is no need to worry too much about this problem, because now on the market most of cooker hoods usually have a blast pressure above 300Pa, which is enough for common building families.

Some friends may ask how much blast pressure cooker hood I need to live on the XX floor. Here is a simple reference formula for everyone:

Total number of floors-floor to live = reference value

And then refer to the blast pressure in the figure below:

Total number of floors-floor to live = reference value

reference value

Corresponding blast pressure









For example, there are 28 floors in total, you live on the 20th floors, the reference value: 28-20=8, just choose the blast pressure above 300Pa compared with the above table.

4. Noise index of cooker hood

When we buy a cooker hood, the noise is also we must pay special attention to, excessive noise will make you feel very uncomfortable when cooking, and it is not good to spend money to suffer!

If the noise of the cooker hood below 65dB, it is good, but we have to understand two different concepts, sound pressure level and sound power level. There is no need to go into what it means, as long as you know that sound power level is equal to sound pressure level + 14dB, knowing this will prevent you from being fooled by some "bad" sales when you buy a cooker hood!

5. Cleaning index of range hood

When buying a kitchen range hood, you must not only pay attention to greater suction power but also have to concern about the cleaning issue. Related data shows that more than 1/3 of after-sales problems are caused by cleaning.

The cooker hood cleaning mainly includes the whole machine cleaning, external cleaning and internal cleaning. Nowadays, many cooker hoods have automatic cleaning function, but the price is more expensive. If you have a sufficient budget, buying one with an automatic cleaning function is the best choice.

The above is about the issues that need to be considered when buying a cooker hood. I hope you can buy your ideal cooker hood after reading this article.

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